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Do you own or know of another affiliate marketing related blog that our readers might enjoy? Its 100% free to have any well established blog listed on Affgonzo. As long as it meets our site requirements.

If you are the owner of a blog listed on AffGonzo, and would like to have it removed. Please use the contact form on the right, with remove my feed as the name. We will remove any requested listed ASAP.


Blog Requirements:
  1. Older than 6 months.
  2. All original work.
  3. Professional looking.
  4. History of articles.
  5. Written in English.
  6. A contact page.

Not Allowed: 

  1. Thin content.
  2. Websites under construction.
  3. Spam backlink profiles.
  4. Slow website speed.
  5. Excessive ads.
  6. PBN/Link brokering sites.
  7. Blogs promoting paid training.
  8. Other content aggregators.